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Brown Bear

Published on February 23, 2015 under Uncategorized

The bear unit is one of my favorite thematic units we do.  Maybe it is because I LOVE the music on our playlist or maybe it is because the kids love it.   Whatever the reason we are going to have a BEARY BEARY good week.

In small groups today we played with the counting bears. We counted . We sorted.






















One of our friends even made his look like a graph . I was super impressed when I looked over to see this.





















Looking at some statistics over the weekend I was reminded once again that I am a teacher that is very proficient in teaching  literacy skills  but struggle taking the time to emphasize math. And well.. math is important too so you will see more planned math activities .  Today in the quiet room Ms Dallas did some activities with the scales and our counting bears.  I posted a video on our facebook page.

Have you been noticing the fantastic pictures I have been posting of the construction in our block center ?  It’s fun to watch the kids work together to build and problem solve.  Like…. we cant reach the top.. how do we get one more block up to the top.









































Chapman came in like a little sponge today.  Take in info.. put out info.  First he impressed us with his creativity of making a hat from a paper bag.  (  Luckily the doughnuts from the bag had been eaten or I might have had to arm wrestle him.  )  Then, he drew a picture of him with his bear in the hats.



We read brown ” Brown Bear , Brown Bear .”  We also talked about bears and charted what we already know.  For some preschoolers it is hard to distinguish between ” real” bears and ” teddy ” bears.  Oh , if they see them at a zoo they know they are real. If they are holding a teddy bear they know that obviously he isn’t real.   But when they have to state facts about bears it is sometimes hard to separate what is real and what is not.  Some of the facts that we charted were :

They eat.

They live in caves.

They have momma, daddies and baby bears.  ( Something tells me they are expecting Goldilocks later in the week. )

Speaking of caves we made tiny bear caves today.  We used our pincher grips ( like you write with ) to tear paper.   We glued it on bowls to make a cave . You will see these later this week. They may show up for Fun Friday.










































It was a BEARY BEARY wonderful day.. even for a Monday !


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