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We Can Travel by People Power

Published on January 5, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today was our first day back and we took a dive straight into learning new things. I didnt crowd the day with too many trivial things knowing that after being gone for two weeks the children may need our attention a little more than usual.   We had a rather calm wonderful day back learning about transportation or traveling .  Randy and I passed a Model T Ford bring carried on a truck this weekend .  Just think about how much ” travel ” has changed since you were born.  I still get amazed when I see a van door close on its own or my little camera comes on that helps me back up safely.

We started our unit talking about traveling by people power today.   So , of course, we took a walk.   As we walked we looked for other ways of traveling that were in front of houses or in the yard. We saw cars, trucks, SUVS. scooters, boats and bikes.  We imagined needing to go somewhere and not having a car .  We would have to walk.





















We made a graph documenting how we got to school today. More people came to school by car today .























There were new activities out to intrigue us.  There were transportation themed puzzles, lacing toys, cars that could be sorted  and counted or just played with.  There was a new garage for the cars.  So many new things to explore.
























































































































As we came in  today we started signing in our names.  Many of them already are writing their names well. Thank for the work over the break.






















What is wonderful is when you see them get excited about writing and you start to see friends names scrawled around the room.  ( See Williams name that Logan wrote on the board?)























We had a great day back. When we had family time so many of the children said ” We missed you.”  It’s nice to be missed.


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