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Wheels are Important

Published on January 7, 2015 under Uncategorized

Our BIG idea today is ” wheels are important.”

We painted with wheels.



We read books about wheels .  After reading the book we talked about ways to travel and which ones require wheels .  Some of the answers were a little tricky – like an airplane .  It does have wheels but sometimes we forget.




We colored an emergent reader about ways to go , go  GO! It reminded us of some ways to travel that we forgot when we made our list .



Emergent readers are a great activity to do with your child.   They have words that are repeated through the book that allows the child a successful attempt at ” reading .”


I have heard it said before that January is the magical month.  I know I have talked to parents before about boys and how they tend to start picking up concepts a little more and seem more interested in fine motor materials.  I know we are only on day three but even in a classroom that has  already been  in a  good groove coming back from a long break is hard.  Our days have been great – even pleasant !  WOOT !   One. Happy.  Teacher.   ( Everyone stop right now and knock on wood.  )


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