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The Letter W

Published on December 5, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we  talked about the letter W as we wrap up our unit on winter.  ( Next week is snow and ice so we will still be exploring many of the properties of winter. )  We read a book called Little W that had many W words in it  .  We liked the way the W felt on our lips.  We especially like to say WoW that has a W as the initial consonant and the ending consonant.  We decorated a W with snowflakes for winter.



We did a little more work on one of our Christmas ornaments .


We made hot chocolate .   Even simple cooking experiences like this are great for introducing math and science concepts.  We had cold water and we had to get it hot.  How do we do that ? Interestingly enough most of the kids said ” put it in the microwave.”  We had to get two teaspoons full of hot chocolate mix .  We decided if we wanted marshmallows in the hot chocolate or not and charted our decisions and then counted and compared.  There are so many other skills that are used in very simple cooking experiences , I encourage you to do it at home.  If we can do it with 16 kiddos ( usually 4 at a time ) I know you can do it at home.  Cooking together makes for great memories !









































Lilly was at the art center today and said “Look  Ms.Debbie , I made purple. ” She had mixed pink and blue.  This is what we are taught about our environment. If you set it up and encourage the children to explore the room will teach for you.  Thanks ROOM ! 🙂



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