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Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Published on December 4, 2014 under Uncategorized

I started the day DETERMINED to have a good day.  Good day doesn’t mean I just let everything roll off my back and go with the flow. Good day means we talk, we play and we lovingly guide our friends into making right choices. When someone chooses  something that is  absolutely unacceptable, we say… you may not do that ( hit, yell at your friend ) and redirect them to a different area of the classroom , which is usually a table game where they can be supervised more closely and be given time to calm themselves down.  Firmly  ( with love ) setting boundaries allow us all to have a wonderful day…. and we DID !



We did another tree ornament today. It was a handprint rudolf.  Don’t worry it will be home in time to hang on your tree.  When my kids were little I had a special box that we kept all their personal ornaments on and when the tree was decorated they hung the ones in their special box.  That makes for priceless memories. When the kids grew up and got married , they were given the ornaments to hang on their own tree.





















Toodles..  Tomorrow will be good too.


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