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There’s a Turkey on my Head

Published on November 19, 2014 under Uncategorized

It felt good to be back today .  We had a good day.  The children were busy playing and learning and we had few incidents.  Every day during family time we use the wish you well board .  If anyone is absent and their picture is still on the heart we wish them well. Today Logan had a hard time coming in with his mommy and he didnt do the question of the day. When we got ready for family time his name was still on the wish you well board. I said ” Oh Logan your name is still there do your question of the day so we can move on. ” He replied ,” but I want it to stay there and my friends wish me well . I am having a hard time. ”  ( Debbie grinning jumping up and down !!!!)  YES! So we all wished Logan well and sung our song to him.  Do you realize this is what we are working for in conscious discipline ?  For children to realize they need help self regulating and be brave enough to say  I am not ok.  I need help.  Ah…….


We don’t do a lot of product art that is teacher led but there is something about the holidays that brings the crafty out in all teachers.  Today we worked on our turkey headbands that we will wear for our Thanksgiving program.  We also used turkeys made yesterday to practice a song we will do for you.



































We had a fire drill today to remind us how to be safe.


Before we had the fire drill I found the girls in the hallway like this .


They said they were playing ” fire.”  This was the stay low and go technique we taught for staying under the smoke and crawling out of the house to safety.  I asked them did they remember why we stay low and go and the said SMOKE !



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