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Published on November 17, 2014 under Uncategorized

Its hard to believe that we are already to Thanksgiving this school year.  Today we read the story of ” The First Thanksgiving” and talked about words like thankful and feast.  We charted what we thought we knew about Thanksgiving .


The holidays always bring out the crafty side of teachers even when we know that isnt the best way for children to learn so beware of tons of turkeys that will be flying in your cubbies the next ten days.


With each theme we put out new books.  The kids enjoy the rotation of new things to read.


We had Thanksgiving number cards out today and look what Gage did.  Way to go Gage.


We are also practicing the two songs we will do for our Thanksgiving Day family feast.  Come on everyone let’s gobble till  we wobble.

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  1. Debi Brown


    Could you give Eden the book order form for purchases for your preschool scholastic items? I always bought books for my kids so, I’d like to order for Eden also!

    Thank you,
    Debi Brown

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