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Published on November 10, 2014 under Uncategorized

This week we are talking about families.  Families are so different now than before .We have grandparents raising children and even great parents as full time parents.  We have children with bonus families.  This is still Mayberry , just a different kind of Mayberry. 🙂  This week we will discuss families and how diverse  they are. We will talk about how we can help our family  and do many activities related.


One of the fun things we are doing this week is involving our families by having special readers come in.  Today Lilly’s Ya Ya came in to read to us.  She read ” The Three Billy Goats Gruff.”  Ya Ya is greek for grandmother. ( Side note : Ms Debbie – me, the teacher, lived in Greece for a year on the island of Crete. )   Deb is not really Lilly’s ” blood” grandma she is her bonus grandma.  Everyone can benefit from bonus family members.  Family that we choose because we love them .









































We had a new sensory tub out today with porridge in it . ( Dry oatmeal )

There were lots of little houses to play with  and tiny bears to role play one of our stories today.  GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS !  The three bears were a family.


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