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How many are in your family ?

Published on November 11, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we had more family readers !

Todd and Jessica came and read a book. They talked to the kids about the fact that Chapman has two mommies and two daddies.  Jessica even showed them pictures of Chapmans dad and step mom.  This family knows how to do blended.  They share responsibility and love .  It’s heart warming to hear Jessica talk about Chapmans other family and how they are equally important in his life.  A child can never have too many people to love him.  (  Kilee is also part of this family. Todd is her mom’s brother. )



Violet’s mom, Tracy , came to read today as well. She read a from a book that her mom used to read to her.  After reading the kids had fun asking her questions about her family. What time do you do to bed ? What does Violet do at home ?


One of the things we did today was made a graph ( I am using graph rather loosely here.. ) of how many girls and boys are in our family that live in our house.























We also read books about brothers and sisters . I had some objects in a basket and we talked about whether that item was something a girl in the house would use or a boy or perhaps they both can use that item.  What was interesting after we laid them in piles was that much of it was ” either” could use it.  There are a few things that ONLY a girl could use ( the kids said .) Those items were things like nail polish and lipstick.  But there were very few things that were specific to boys.  Hmm… I never thought about that. I wonder how this conversation would have went 50 years ago ?



A while back I told you were were doing ” I love you ” rituals with the children in the morning.  We are doing them child to child to build friendships and connections. We did ” Twinkle Twinkle Little Star , What a special friend you are. The way you smile and shake my hand. Your the best friend in all the land. ( Hug )  ”  This week we introduced a new one. It is a spin off the old nursery rhyme , ” There was a wonderful woman who lived in a shoe. ”  The childreh sit facing each other on the floor and do this with actions.  They really enjoy this time.






















We dont do many “Crafty” things but we did one today.  We decorated the boot the Wonderful Woman lived in and we laced it up.  Ssshhhh.. It was really fine motor.  The poem is on the front of the shoe so you can do the rhyme at home with your child.






















Other good things going on in our room today:

Bentley worked in the art center for atleast 30 minutes today creating a picture.  When he was finished he was so proud. I reminded him to clean up his area and he did an amazing job.  Teaching children to be responsible for their own messes is important.





















Logan found the letters to the word DOG.  Way to go Logan.



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