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Super Hero’s are Understanding and Patient

Published on October 27, 2014 under Uncategorized

Patience is hard for preschoolers.  We live in such a face paced and everything is ready at the push of a button that learning to ” wait” hasn’t been a priority.   Even in school with our quality standards we are told that children should not wait in long lines for periods of time that they are not equipped to do that.  As teachers you may hear us near a line singing a song or leading the children waiting in line in a game to make the time pass.  The main area we use patience for in our classroom is waiting our turn for a cool new toy.  Today that was our static ball. The children would put their hands on it and say they were getting ” super powers.”


Kids imaginations are amazing. First thing this morning  Canyon had me smiling.  He took a leaf and put it on the end of a stick and said ” I am pretending this is a marshmallow and I am going to put it in the fire. ” Off he went to sit in the yard roasting his marshmallow.


Another fascination with the kids today was the crazy amount of yellow leaves on the play yard.  Randy took a small pool that we use for sensory and let the kids load it with leaves.  They would load it and jump and dump.  Load it and jump and dump.  The joy on their faces as the leaves flew above their head was priceless.


In small group we did some math games like number puzzles and putting the small, medium and large super heroes in order.

Have you ever tried the ” Superman” stretch ? The kids did today. It is great for developing core which we know helps us in so many ways.


( Cant get pictures to load on here. I will throw them on FB. )


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