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Stop Drop and Roll

Published on October 6, 2014 under Uncategorized

This littles were very excited this morning to see the new things I had placed in our play areas to help us explore fire safety.

There were new fire houses in the block areas.










































There were tiny red fireman could that could be sorted, counted and used in pretend play.  This weekend I went thrifting and got this amazing lock box.  Eden figured out there was a door on it and she put the fire man in the pretend house.





















There was a sensory box filled with rice and figurines to encourage the littles to dig in.





















We mixed red and yellow paint and found out it made orange.























The kids loved playing in their pretend fire station.  We even had expired kiddie fire extinguishers to pretend with . Other tools were walkie talkies, hammers and an ax to name a few.





















I had a fire truck game I let them play for a little today. The time was limited to ten minutes per child.























Outside we practiced STOP , DROP AND ROLL  and STAY LOW AND GO.









































There was also a game with a spray bottle of water and numbered flames behind a piece of plexiglass.





















Do you have a plan at your house in case of fire ?  Now, is a great time to make a plan.  Tomorrow we will explore fire safety a little more !



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