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Apple Wrap Up

Published on October 3, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today was super busy and we didnt get a lot of pictures.

We finished making our homemade applesauce and had it with our lunch . I think the kids really liked it.

The things I didnt get a picture of:

We made predictions about what would happen when I put an apple in a  bowl of water. We got answers like ” It will get caught ” or ” it will drown.”  This was our first sink/ float science activity.  Hopefully the next time we try this we will get answers like it will go down or it will float.

We graphed which way we like apples better this week. The choices were carmel apples, apple pie, fresh apples, apple juice or apple sauce . We do activities like this to use math and to introduce terms like more and less or least.

We made an emergent reader.  The purpose of emergent readers is that each page is predictable .  When the child looks at the pictures he can ” read” the book.

Whew…..  its the weekend.


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