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Well Hello New School Year !

Published on August 20, 2014 under Uncategorized


After the play dates and the open house I was sure today was going to be  A-O-K  and it WAS !   I dont think one child had a problem coming in the gate this morning.  There were no screamers or runners so it was a good day ! 🙂



After being outside we taught the children our routine for coming in the house.

1.  Get your greeting from the teacher ( visuals on apron ) Handshake, Smile, Super Hero High Five or a Bear Hug .

2.  Find your name on the Wish you  Well Board.

3.  Answer question of the day with the teacher.



4.  Sit down on carpet in front of cubby and take shoes off.  If you dont have socks on borrow a clean pair from us.

5.  Wash hands. ( water, soap, hit timer , lather until the light flashes red and then rinse. )


Thats a lot for a little head to remember , isnt it ?  But they did great. Soon it will go by so fast and without thought. It will be ROUTINE. 🙂

Today  the children spent much of the time exploring the centers.  The dramatic play  or music room was the popular place.  Playdoh ( the FROZEN playdoh ) was available and some of the children did that a while.    There was painting and science and the light table and blocks and …. wow, the list goes on.



We were able to do a couple structured activities today.  ( That is BIG folks with 15 brand new kiddos ! )  We did the traditional first hand print of preschool.  There is a poem on the piece that refers to the story we read today , The Kissing Hand.



Each of the children was sent home with The Kissing Hand.  Please take time to read it to your child.  Ask them questions like ” what happens next?” or ” did you feel like Chester your first day of school?”  You might even develop your own drop off routine like Chester and his mom had.


We also did our first self portrait .  We try to do these once a month !   This year I have a handy dandy way of keeping up with it.  My kiddos last year gave me this amazing picture  quilt .  In order to keep it in the play space I am repurposing it .  Each of the children have a spot on the quilt and each month we will place their new self portrait on the quilt to display.




We had lunch and breakfast today.  Lunch was a delicious spring mix salad with grilled chicken, pretzels and honeydew.  The menu is posted each week on facebook and by the door.


It was a good day.  Thanks for sharing your child with us.


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