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Dial Three Assessments

Published on May 7, 2014 under Uncategorized

Twice a year I do complete Dial Three assessments on all the littles.  I did one at the beginning of the year and then I do another one near the end to see what progress we have made. I like to turn the actual assessments into a game  . Randy , Dallas and I were a  team today and all took different area and got a LOT done.  Some examples of some of the things we looked at today are :






















Body Parts ( some they often miss are ankle, wrist and forehead )

Gross motor ( hopping , skipping , jumping )

Letter Recognition  ( We only do a few  ! )

It was a good day. The kids excitedly went from one teacher to the other saying ” Can I play now?”

Tomorrow if we dont have our FCCRS review , we should finish up !




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