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Its Review Time

Published on May 8, 2014 under Uncategorized

Every other year we  get a notice with an 8 week window for an Environmental Rating Review. What is an ECCRS Review ?

From the ECCRS site :  Our scales are designed to assess process quality in an early childhood or school age care group. Process quality consists of the various interactions that go on in a classroom between staff and children, staff, parents, and other adults, among the children themselves, and the interactions children have with the many materials and activities in the environment, as well as those features, such as space, schedule and materials that support these interactions. Process quality is assessed primarily through observation and has been found to be more predictive of child outcomes than structural indicators such as staff to child ratio, group size, cost of care, and even type of care, for example child care center or family child care home (Whitebook, Howes & Phillips, 1995)


First thing this morning … KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK…. She’s HERE!!!!  Honestly, I dont get too nervous about the process anymore. I know what materials I need and I know my interactions with the children are good.   What I cant control is the choices the kids make that day.  You would be super proud to know that today the kiddos were wonderful.  THEY WERE WONDERFUL. It was a good day.   Even when it’s not a good day, your scores can be good.  It all depends on your REACTION to the yucky parts of the day.  We had  very little yucky.  Of course we had a few disagreements here or there but the kids were able to work it out quickly with a little help.  I feel like our scores will be good.  Good is 5 and up !

Other things we did today were ladder ball on the playground.



A top secret mothers day activity



and play and play and play some more.



Even though you dont do anything different than any other day , review days are exhausting.

Headed to bed soon.


Tomorrow we will complete the Dial 3’s .



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