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The Foolish Tortoise

Published on April 30, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we read the book the foolish tortoise. We talked about what it means to be foolish. After reading the book we discussed why the author might have called the tortoise foolish.  ( He took off his shell and had no protection. )























We also talked about “if we like turtles” and charted why we liked them . Activities of this type reinforce that print has meaning . It also encourages children to think.  Remember yesterday I was so excited about the children starting to ask real questions instead of making statements ? Today we had another rah rah moment !   One of the kids said he liked turtles because they can take their shell off ( like in the book. )  I replied I wasnt sure if that was true that maybe we could look it up on the internet to see.  Aiden said ” Ms Debbie, maybe you can put a question mark there. ” REALLY ???!!! It is so amazing this time of year to hear the things the children have learned.  It just pours out of them. On days like today when I have a headache the size of Texas i am reminded they are older and have more knowledge and they are louder… all of these things are not bad. 🙂

We started a craft project of making a turtle shell.  Step one today was painting a paper plate brown.





































Do you see the fabulous sorting that goes on naturally ? Directions were not given. The kids just walk up and start logically sorting.



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