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Kindergarten .. What ????

Published on May 1, 2014 under Uncategorized

Its hard to believe that this year is almost over.  Most the these kiddos have hung out here for two years.  We have watched them grow and learn so much.  Today we had two special visitors.  Mrs. Macken, the Northside counselor came by  to visit. She brought Mrs. Paden, the school principal as well.  I cant even begin to tell you how impressed i am at their interactions with the children.   She would remind them to have listening ears but in a large flamboyant playful way. They would model raising their hands to talk – even as they talked to each other.  As Mrs, Paden  told the children that last year was her first year in kindergarten she grabbed Mrs. Macken’s hand to say what a wonderful friend she was to help her find her way when she didnt know what to do or where to go.  They read a book about the staff at Northside complete with pictures. We even saw people we know like Katelyn’s  grandma who works in the school cafeteria.  The children were allowed to ask questions.  ( And they were QUESTIONS AGAIN!!!! ) They asked things like ” Do we get to paint all day whenever we want to ?  Valid question… sadly no but you will get to paint in art !  Do we go swimming ? No…… LOL.  ”  When I go there there is a place that serves food and you can eat, do you know where that is ?”  The children were so well behaved and attentive. I was very proud of them.



After talking to the kids they told me about a new process they are hoping to have in place in  the fall.  They want the preschool teachers to come talk to the kindergarten teachers to share useful information.  HOW EXCITING IS THAT ? They care enough about your kids, my kids… to be so personal.  I teared up.  I am sure I looked like an idiot but these are like my babies that I am sending to kindergarten and it really touches my heart that they care so much.

We are still working on those foolish turtles we started yesterday.  Today we counted ten rocks to add to the shell.



Ms Gabby came to work with Dallas while I went with Randy to the doctor for a followup.   I feel like we are getting closer to an answer and a treatment for Randy’s shortness of breath and coughing .  We covet your prayers.

Good day  ? WELL! YES!!!



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