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Flowers are Blooming

Published on April 21, 2014 under Uncategorized

I know your calendar says different but I TRIED to plan for and LIKE the magnet unit but honestly… it was just pretty lame,  After spending the weekend wedding gardens and planting flowers I decided that our unit on flowers would be perfect.

In a sensory bin the children used miniature  and gardening tools to scoops and poor black sand  ( our play dirt )



There were new puzzles about gardening out.

There were flower creation toys.

There was also a flower fairy head  to play with.  The  girls loved to comb and play with her hair.

Ms Dallas has an observation for her CDA on Wednesday so I am letting her be ” lead ” teacher this week so it will feel more natural  with her visitor here.  Though we work as a team we each have our own responsibilities.  I have to admit that I still smile a little when things get a little wonky in the classroom and she needs my help.  🙂

In small groups they played a matching game with seed packets


They planted seeds in a small pot.


in large groups they read the book by Eric Carle called “The Tiny Seed. ”  It is a book about the life cycle of a seed.   The finished up large group by watching the video I shared on facebook last night about dandelions.


The computer is being a little cranky so I am going to post the pictures as an album.



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