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Allergies ?

Published on April 22, 2014 under Uncategorized

Are allergens in fulls swing right now or what ?  We are seeing a difference in challenging behaviors with the kiddos this week.  I blamed it on Easter Candy Crash yesterday. Today… maybe allergies? Maybe they are not feeling top notch and cantankerous ?  Maybe WE… the teachers dont feel well and are cantankerous ?  I can tell you this… there is enough cantankerous activity to spread around so that everyone can take a little responsibility.  Keep Swimming .. Keep Swimming.. this too shall pass.  If you  are having conversations with your children at home about how preschool is going some key points you might want to hit are :

We do not hit, hitting hurts.

We do not spit at our friends. Its gross.

You do not show your panties to anyone.

We do not have any children here named ” poopy head .”

Further more…. you only need to use the word poop when you need to go… poop.

Or you can just sum it up to say ” Be kind to one another… and make good choices. ”

Its been a tough two days but we still were able to ” get r done.”

We used the shape blocks to make flowers. ( Learning to construct and deconstruct shapes )






















Then we cut out our own pieces to start a group mural of spring flowers.




We started a science experiment with white carnations after reading the book ” Planting a Rainbow.”



Within an hour it was already working !
























Even on tough days we are learning our boundaries and how to self regulate and get along with our peers.

Can we all just take a moment and do the red balloon…. a BIG red balloon…. 🙂

Repeat after me… tomorrow will be wonderful.Tomorrow will be wonderful.  ( Ms Dallas has another CDA observation tomorrow so we are praying for a blessed day. )


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