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Where’s the Rascally Leprechaun ?

Published on March 18, 2014 under St Patricks Day

Each year we have a leprechaun hunt. It is a bit of a tradition.  ( As I think about it we have quite a few school traditions .)

As the kids came in this morning that tiny leprechaun had left his mark all over our playrooms.  First near the wish you well board there were tiny green footprints stretching across our table.






















There were chairs stacked high on the table and poor ole grandma doll was hanging from the lap shade.






















There were footprints on our toilet























and a note painted on the easel.




This was our first clue !

After breakfast several parents arrived and  we started our trek to look for the leprechaun or his gold.

We got to the library and he was no where to be found but he left us a note.




We read a book and hurried on our way to the bank.


In the bank the teller said we just missed him but you guessed it. There was another note from that old leprechaun. He sure is tricky.





















Hot buns and rolls and cookies ! That must be Cafe on Broadway.  We found another clue there but of course had to have a cookie before getting hot on his trail again.



This clue said to look for a bike in a window.  We FOUND it ! It was a beautiful window with an older bike but there was no clue.  Perhaps the wind had blown it away.  ( Or even more true.. perhaps Mr. Randy didnt get that clue delivered in time  . I was so bumfuzzled about the clue I forgot to take a picture ! )

Our next business to visit was The Herald Leader .  That’s where Vivian and Valeri’s dad works.  That old leprechaun wasnt there either but … yes, he left a clue to go to the flower shop.






















We walked in the flower shop and we were all so amazed at the beautiful smell .  One thing we didnt smell was the leprechaun.  After reading his note we took off to the park .



The note said to look for a rainbow.  We looked high and we looked low. Finally we found the rainbow and the leprechauns pot of gold !





















We all sat down to rest and eat a piece of ” gold” or two  and took a few pictures.

It was a good day for a leprechaun hunt.





















(What did we learn ?  We learned that people in our community have jobs.  Print has meaning.  listening and following directions.  Street safety.  LOTS of counting and using ordinal numbers  , we should eagerness and curiosity as a learner, we had the chance to interact with familiar adults, followed two and three step directions, used expanded language  and vocabulary for a variety of purposes, developed more knowledge of letters,  recounted some key ideas from text ,observed the sky and the natural objects in it, observed weather and seasonal changes , …. to name a few. These are he worksampling indicators that I use when I am doing assessments three times a year.  )


And you thought it was all just for fun.


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