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St Patricks Day Fun

Published on March 17, 2014 under St Patricks Day

As the kids came in dressed in green this morning they met me in the kitchen and we painted rainbow toast. This is a great activity that  can be easily done at home.  You tint your milk with food coloring and they use qtips to paint a picture on a slice of bread and then toast it !  The colors stay pretty vibrant !



We also practiced cutting circles and made a circle rainbow.  Cutting is a skill that our three year olds are just not starting to get.  The older kiddos should be pretty good at cutting on a line.  Of course, the smaller circles are more difficult than the large ones.  If you have a child going into kindergarten and they are still struggling I suggest throwing some magazines on the table while you cook and let them cut away ! When I was a little girl we cut out paper dolls. Does anyone do that anymore ?   One of my favorite parts of the day was when one of our three year old buddies was having a hard time cutting.  He cut straight across the circle.  I got the teacher scissors out ( they are made so the teacher can hold her hand over the child’s to give them the ” feel ” of cutting.  ) After practicing on one circle I gave him back his student scissors and said ” now cut this one !”  And he DID!!! He was so proud of himself.



Lunch was all GREEN today. So remember this later in the week when your child are using the bathroom .





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