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Published on February 10, 2014 under Valentines

Today we introduced our Valentines unit by talking about the letter V.  Normally it isnt a letter that is used often but since we have Vivian and Valeri in our classroom the kids were already quiet familiar with it.  Hearts cut outs were glued on the letter V.


We read a cook called ” I Love ” and talked about what we think Valentines is all about.  The main answers I got were you get presents or you get candy.

We did an estimation activity that quite impressed me.  Preschoolers arent usually very good at estimating . They like to throw big numbers like 100 or 1 million out there as guesses to any situation.  Today I showed them a handful of conversation hearts and we counted how many would fit in my hand.  Then we talked about whether my hand was smaller or larger than their hands.  After that, I had them estimate if my hand would hold 16 how many conversation heart candies their hand would hold.  Surprisingly they guessed numbers like 5 and 7.  All of the guesses were within believable range.  This is an emerging math skill and they are doing great.






There were new activities on the table like fluffy pink pom poms to move one by one with tongs. There was a hear shaped ice cue tray that perfectly held heart shaped erasers to practice one to one correspondence.  There was a large heart shape to lace and a Valentines Mr. Potato head.


We also introduced a new farm product today through the letter from a farmer in Bald Knob, Arkansas .This week we will explore berries !



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