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Lettuce – be glad we are back in school !

Published on February 7, 2014 under cooking with kids

We were so happy to be back in school today.  Since we missed almost the whole week we ditched our original lesson plans and did another food experience day. Today was greens !  Ms Dallas was in charge of this lesson . We are switching off each unit so a variety of teaching styles can be experienced.

The kids LOVED the fake salad in a bowl made from felt, silk flower and ribbon pieces .

We explored the lettuce with our hands and described it using our 5 senses.  We found out it was cold, wet and bumpy along with several other adjectives.  There were 5 different kinds of lettuce. This lettuce  was grown in Blytheville Arkansas. We looked up Blytheville on the map.

We played a gross motor game with a pretend lettuce made from green gloves.  The kids tossed the ” salad ” into the strainer.

Another gross motor game today ( which was great timing since we had to have inside recess ) was a mixed salad game. The kids placed the pretend salad on a blanket and gently tossed the blanket. Ms Dallas explored vocabulary with them like up / down and fast and slow.

Another cooking area today was an experience with kale.  The kids tire it into small pieces and we baked it into kale chips with olive oil and a little salt and then tossed it with popcorn. It was really quite tasty.

We had a matching game with pictures of different types of lettuce to match.

In small groups as the kids tasted the  different kinds of lettuce they also tasted it with ranch dressing and strawberry vinegrette . Later we graphed which dressing was our favorite.

When you cut the green leaf lettuce there is a stalk or stem left at the bottom. As an added science experience we took that and placed it in a cup with water and placed it in the window. ( We measured it first at 4 inches high. ) supposedly it will continue to grow taller in the water.  We shall see !

As you can see it was a busy day.

Alinas teenage cousins from California came to play today and they were a great help ! Thanks girls !



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