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The Little Red Hen

Published on February 18, 2014 under farm

This was a busy day.  During breakfast since many of our activities today related to the story we read ” The Little Red Hen.”  It is a story about a hen that plants wheat, tends it, picks it and grinds it to make bread.   She keeps asking her friends that cat, the duck and the pig ” Will you help me ?” and each time they said  ” Not I… ” Until they smelled the bread baking in the oven.  Who can resist hot baked bread ?  Did the Little Red Hen share ? No… she said since they did not help her up to this point she would eat alone . No only is this a good predictable text book but it is also a good social story.  Most of the children said they understood why the Little Red Hen didnt want to share but if it were them… they would share.  I fear they spoke from past experience . 🙂



Ms Dallas brought her huge honkin Kitchen Aid Mixer and made dough with the kids, like the hen made. They then made the dough into bakery items and baked them. Tomorrow they will have a pretend bakery in the dramatic play area.
























































In the kitchen I helped the kids make haystacks since we all know.. hay is a staple on a farm. ( Our unit  )





























































Randy had a doctors appointment so he and I left part way through the morning and Gabby ( Harelly’s mom ) came to play .  She helped the kids make a Little Red Hen from a cup.  Cute ! Cute !









































She also got in an exciting game of Duck , Duck, Goose.






















In other news…. do you remember when we talked about ” greens ” 9 days ago and we put a the left over end of a stalk of lettuce in water to see if it would grow ? We measured it and recorded it.  It did ! Even I was amazed. In the last 9 days it has grown 2 inches.




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