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Cows Give Us Milk

Published on February 19, 2014 under farm

The room was buzzing with activity this morning as soon as all the kids came in.  Some days I am like ” WHHHHAAAATTT??? DId these kids have two cups of coffee before they came in ?” Thankfully , most days that is ok here.  We dont mind the noise as long as there is nothing broken and no blood is shed.  Once in a while an old cranky teacher might need it to be a little more quiet for hormonal reasons , but that is rare. 🙂  On really loud days sometimes I will look at Dallas and say ” I think i am getting a headache  and I dont know why..” Then I start to blog the things that happened for the day and remember exactly why I have a headache.

We had some new toys out on the table today for the kids to enjoy and be challenged with.


















































Ms Dallas set up the bakery this morning with the baked goods the kids made yesterday and some she had at home from a class .  The kids loved it.  We had little bakers and customers everywhere. At one point I walked in the circle time room and the kids were all dancing with the baked goods in hand and I asked what they were doing .  Their reply was ” We are having a party and we needed extra food. ”  🙂 Gotta love their little imaginations.

























We read the book ” Click Clack Moo” and watched a short animated version of the book too.





















We talked about all the products that come from a farm . I am not a vegan  but I felt sooooo bad explaining to the kids where we get hamburger meat and friend chicken.  I didnt mind talking about the pillows and the milk but when it came to the bacon and the football, I was ready for someone else to take over. Some of the kids seemed surprised that we eat animal meat while another very matter of factly said ” If we dont kill animals, we will have nothing to eat. ”




We took turns shaking  a jar with whipping cream to make butter. We will taste it tomorrow.























We played a math game with cow shapes.  Each child threw the dice and added that many spots to their cow.




We did a taste test with white, chocolate and strawberry milk  and graphed what our favorite was.   Strawberry was the most liked .  No one chose white milk.




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