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Reading Buddies

Published on January 10, 2014 under Uncategorized

Holy Guacamole’ WHAT A DAY!  The kids werent bad or having behavior problems it was just busy… and LOUD. VERY. LOUD.  But hey, I have worked so little in the last month that I feel we were due a day like today.

We had reading buddies come to read to us today.  Mrs. Stacy ( Carter and Bailey’s mom ) is a teacher at the middle school and we are collaborating to bring a great experience to both groups of our kids   . My  kids were a little shy at first today . I think the next time they will be more comfortable.  There were eight buddies and they sat at different spots around the room and our kids rotated around to hear different stories. I was very proud of Stacy’s group.  Ever once in a while I would see a chuckle as our little ones responded to the book they were reading.  Mrs, Stacy, Dallas and I went from room to room making sure everything was running smoothly.  It will be interesting to see the bond the kids create  with their reading buddies throughout the rest of the year.
























































Before Christmas I had stripped the walls of all the kids art work so today we worked on getting some more made to decorate our space with.





At first glance at the next picture one might think the boys just took their crayons and scribbled all over the paper. I did.  I walked over to see if they needed me to help give them direction and I heard a story.  Aiden and Kaden were telling a  story about something flying, and as they told the story they drew.  They took turns going back and forth with the story.



Over the holiday’s Alina became a BIG sister . Today we celebrated Anissa and asked Alina questions about her.  I am excited to see that little cutie.   She is already on my list doe 2017 ! 🙂





















Ending our unit on Australia today we learned two new words. We learned that Sheila’s are girls and blokes are boys. We made a graph of blokes and shiela’s in our classroom and talked again about the words more and less. We had more sheila’s than blokes.



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  1. Stacy

    We had SO much fun!!! My students were just as nervous…if not more! But the ride back to school was filled with chatter and excitement! They asked, “When do we get to go again??!!” Thank you so much for letting us come visit! We will see you again Feb. 7th! 🙂

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