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Its a Joey !

Published on January 9, 2014 under Australia

We had 8 children show up  for school today . It was a rather calm day .  I sorted art work and filed it. Dallas took some observations .  I took care of some computer issues that needed to be done.  It was a good day for the kids to play with their friends and us tie up a few loose ends that are harder to do with all our friends here .




































But… we did do circle time.  We talked about kangaroos and joeys ( the baby kangaroos. )   Kangaroo’s live for the first 6 months in their mom’s pouch or pocket. The moms milk glands are in the pouch so the joeys go in and out eating .  Kangaroos cannot walk on land they can only jump . Their feet will not operate separately , except in water .  For a long time today Lilly hopped around like a kangaroo.

We also made kangaroo puppets.



Hoping tomorrow all the kids will be back and the snow will be gone. I am DONE WITH IT.


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