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Turkeys Everywhere

Published on November 26, 2013 under Thanksgiving

Today we had a ” job shadower ” visit us. She arrived early in the morning and is staying until the end of the day. At one point she told me ” I feel like a celebrity !” because the girls wanted to be with her where ever she went.  Marley is in the 8th grade and in a career class.  She thinks she might want to work in Early Education at some point and used today to hang out and see what being a preschool teacher is all about.  Hopefully, we didnt scare her into a new field.





















The kids helped make part of their lunch today.  It was a  turkey made from an apple and marshmallows.  Who says you cant mix fine motor practice with preparing a nutritious lunch ?






















We added that to the turkey made from bread and peanut butter ( cucumbers on the side ) to create another themed lunch today . When we passed it out the kids said ” another turkey ???”  I explained that tomorrow we will have real turkey for lunch. I am sure they will be confused to realize he isnt a cocky looking bird with multi-colored feathers.





We practiced our two songs we are singing before lunch tomorrow. Just for fun I played one that we did at LAST years program and low and behold they remembered the words ! Smart kiddos!  ( Hey ! Where did all my puppets go from this rack ?  )




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