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I Am Part Of A Family

Published on November 11, 2013 under Thanksgiving

Today we started a ” I am part of a family ” unit.  It was interesting to hear the kids say who they thought was in their family.  Is it the people that live in our house ?  Does our family extend beyond the walls of our home ?  We teach that we are all a family as well.

Today has been a hectic day with Ms Dallas gone. She isnt  feeling well and I had 3 conferences with the CO- OP . Mr Randy was a trooper and jumped in to help.

Over the weekend our yard was covered in yellow leaves. Today we took the opportunity to use those yellow leaves to do a little art project.  We incorporated some math into the project as well.  Each child hit the playground with the goal to find 10 leaves  . Most of the younger kids just grabbed a handful of leaves and brought them to me.  I took the time to help each child count out their leaves to 10.  Counting is a skill we use every day we dont always verbalize that skill .  One way you can help me with your child’s education  is counting at home.  I dont mean just rote counting as high as they can go , most of them can do that up to 20 . ( We sing it in a song! )  What I mean is when you hand them crackers or grapes, ask them how many they want and help them count them out.  So if they say 5 you lay one cracker down and with each cracker you say the number .  Doing this helps them realize that each number stands for one object – one to one correspondence.


I think the little project turned out great !



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