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Its almost the weekend !

Published on November 8, 2013 under Uncategorized

Usually Mondays and Fridays are GREAT nap days. No, not for me, for the kids. Mondays they sleep well because you have ran them ragged all weekend. Fridays are good because I have ran them ragged all week ! Thankful for sleeping little ones .


Today in small group the kids sorted clothing into four stacks : Summer , Springs, Fall and Winter.  Thankful for living in a place that has 4 seasons !


Mari sent our celebration chair in this morning. The celebration chair is used to ……. wait for it…. celebrate!   We will celebrate MANY things over the next few months.  She did a fabulous job!  I LOVE IT !  Thankful for parents that give back to our program !





















The weather is PREFECT for outside play. As the kids crunched around in the leaves and I saw all the beauty surrounding them I thought how perfect it all is.   I love how these kids get to ” play in the back yard” instead of a concrete play yard.  Thankful for my job and the little lives we affect.




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