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People Who Keep us Safe

Published on September 30, 2013 under fire safety

What a very busy hectic day.  Many Mondays are.  We did a lot and still have one more thing on the lesson plan that we didnt get to. We  will try to tag it on tomorrow.

Today in small groups we did a math game using fire trucks.  Each child would draw a card and tell us what number he had and put that many fire trucks in the fire station.










































We talked about the letter F and what it sounds like.   Fernanado said ” Like in  MY name ! ” Yes ! The kids torn paper ( great fine motor tool for gaining finger strength ) and glued it on the F. We used red, orange and yellow .

























We  also read a book that told us how fireman keep us safe.  ( We read books every day. I dont always list it because really it’s a given ! )

In another room another small group was playing another game. This one has houses of different colors.  Ms Dallas would hide the fire behind a house and the kids would have to guess by naming the colors which house was on fire.




In circle time we watched a 2 minute video and song called ” Emergency” It taught us what a emergency is and what to do.  Call 911 ~    We had 911 posted on the wall this week and as we sing songs and talk about calling the emergency number we will refer back to it.  This is one of the ways we teach numbers without using rote teaching or flashcards. We teach the numbers in context of things that are real and meaningful to them
























With each unit there are new toys and learning materials added. Today we added a fire station to the block area.























Outside Ms Dallas had a parachute and the kids pretended it was smoke.  She taught them how important it is to stay low and go.  Stay low under the smoke and crawl out of the house.

There was also another game outside . Numbers were drawn on the sidewalk and the kids ( fire fighters ) used squirt bottles to put a fire out.  ( whichever number Ms Dallas called out was the fire. )
























Lots and lots of learning going on today.


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