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Feelings and Emotions

Published on September 27, 2013 under feelings and emotions

Today we wrapping up our feelings and emotions unit.  We have done a lot of labeling feelings this week.

We played a matching game. First we looked at the kids faces and labeled how we thought the kids in the picture was feeling. Then I turned them over and we used them to play a matching game.  Problem is : Sneaky smart little preschoolers could see the image a bit through the back of the paper and it made the matching game VERY easy.  🙂

We read a book about feelings that was illustrated with fruits and vegetables .  It was very cute.  I talked about how the illustrator draws or uses another art form to tell us what the words are saying.  About twenty minutes after the activity Emily appears in the doorway of the kitchen as I am assembling lunch and says ” I wrote a book.  Do you want me to read it. ?  I am the author and the illustrator. ”

Some of the  girls took the pictures we had cut out earlier in the week and made a feelings collage.





















Some times through our day it feels like we are rambling and not being affective.  There are lesson plans. There are goals but at times I feel like they are for naught.  ( Usually those days are when I dont feel so great . :/) We have been working hard this month teaching the children to be assertive and that their words are powerful.  Sometimes when children dont know how to interact with others they tease or take a toy and run.  Our response is ” You wanted to play with your friends and you didnt know how so you took the toy and ran.  If you want to play you say I want to play with you. ” Today one of our friends comes running up to Dallas and says ” Ms Dallas Ms Dallas, it worked. My words worked. I said I want to play with you next and they said ok !”  Those are the times that as teachers we look at each other and go.. wow, it’s working. We are making a difference.





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