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Trap Trap Trap

Published on April 12, 2013 under fairy tales
















Trap Trap Trap went the little billy goat gruff over the bridge. Under the bridge lived a mean ole’ troll.  ( He was a bully ! )

Fairly tales give us so many opportunities to learn basic skills and social lessons.

Here’s the story we read today.

Here are a FEW of the things we can learn while watching this or reading the story.

Small, Medium , Large

Over / Under

BIG hill not small

Emotion in our voices ( teeny tiny trembling voice , roared , growled )

New words like  ” pleaded ” , charged

What is a bully ?

First , Second , Third

Rich language including adjectives like cold, hungry, deep , fresh

We did a graph in circle time today of our favorite fairy take we did in class.  For the first time the kids actually wrote their name on the graph instead of me  !






















This fairy tale was one of their favorites. I think maybe because we acted it out and got to trip trap trip trap across the table.


The kids decided to make the flowers the ” fresh green grass” on the other side. This is Tiana pretending to eat after she has safely made it across the bridge.


Remember the magic beans the kids planted Monday with Dallas and Jessica ? They grew today!  Can you believe they sprouted colorful lollipops ?










































Other things that we were curious about today was the bridge that billy goats walked across . Why do we need a bridge ?  I laid a blue cloth on the table and encouraged the kids to try to figure out how to make a bridge with the block from one side to the other.






















They did such a great job thinking and working together.  Next they found objects to be the billy goats ( My little Ponies ) and a troll ( one of the dwarfs ) and retold the story .

Fernando was excited about the bridge making so much that he kept trying to make it taller and taller. After realizing he couldnt reach as high on the table he put it on the floor.













































There was lots of thinking going on today…. I love it !




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