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Arkansas Childrens Week – Monday 2013

Published on April 16, 2013 under Art

Randy and I kicked Arkansas Children’s Week off in Little Rock at a school for special needs children . What a great way to start the week with our kids.  It is hard as an eager preschool teacher to turn off ” teacher ” and turn on ” performer” .  As I looked around the room at kids singing and dancing I also saw kids in wheelchairs with IV’s . I saw children with helmets on so when they bang their head on the floor they arent hurt.  I saw precious down syndrome faces.  I saw a therapist working with a little girl on gestures. She held a puppet and she would tell me hello and good bye with the puppet but not with her own hand.  I dont understand it all but it sure made me appreciate the health of my own children , Addam , Danielle and Geneviette the grand daughter and  the health of your children.

While we were gone, Dallas was here having fun.

The kids played and sometimes played with kiddos that were not their normal playmate.  Eight of the children were gone with the HIPPY program that many of them are involved in so Dallas only had 8 here.  









































The theme this week is ” Create, Explore, Art Music and More.”  The activity the kids worked on was a silouette painting. It didnt quite turn out the way we expected but that is ok. In preschool art is all about the PROCESS NOT THE PRODUCT.






















You can see from the kids faces that whether it turned out how the teachers expected wasnt important  . They loved it.


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