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Little Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet

Published on April 1, 2013 under nursery rhymes


Today has been such a great day.  Yall must have run the kids like crazy this weekend because they have been so gentle and more quiet than normal today. It was nice to have a change of pace from hectic.  Some days it feels like the INDY 500 in here but today was more like ” Ahhhhh.”

It was so ” ahhh” that I forgot to take pictures !  Can you believe that ?  I did take one !






















We started learning more nursery rhymes today.  The  ironic thing about that is a friend went to the  “transition to kindergarten conference ” today that the Springdale School District gives every year and one thing they said it would be helpful for preschool teachers to spend more time on is teaching nursery rhymes and rhyming words.   My first thought was YAY! We are doing something right !

Today we talked about the nursery rhyme ” Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”  and made an emergent reader book.   Encourage your child at home to read the book to you !  Praise Praise Praise their efforts !

We also introduced the letter J today.  The only letters we have left to introduce are  I  K   N  O Q  U Y and Z.  We talk about ALL the letters all the time but days like today we read a special book and talk about other things that might start with that letter.

The kids LOVED the time outside today !




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