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Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Published on March 29, 2013 under Easter

It was a little iffy whether we would be doing our egg hunt today but by golly we did !

During breakfast the kids and I talked about our options. We talked about having it inside, or outside and the problems  that could occur with both.  While we were talking the rain stopped momentarily so we decided to go for the gold and get those eggs hid outside.  While the adult helpers ( and there were LOTS ! THANKS!  ) were hiding eggs the children and I went to circle time and did our music.  They LOVE the song ” Little Bunny Foo Foo .”

Prior to this we had made bunny ears and took pictures !





















Thankfully this preschool teacher is a hoarder and I had lots of rain boots upstairs ( 14 pairs ! )

We tried to make sure the kids that needed boots on had them and we were ready to hit the door.   As one of the older brothers came in and I rubbed his head I noticed it was wet ! YeP! It started raining again right as we lined up but we didnt let that swerve our determination to hunt eggs. Off 15 kids and several parents and grandparents go in the drizzling rain to the wet grass to hunt plastic colored eggs all over our neighbors yard !   It really was a great time and without incident or injury.


We also graphed jelly beans and ate them – of course.

Then Ms Dallas did another graph of what color was the kids favorite.

Then came lunch.  Mr Randy outdid himself in the kitchen.  Look at those rolls. Yum – O !






















Now all the little bunnies are sleeping from their big day.   I am really tired and sore ( MAYBE a little too much swimming at JBU ) and as I sat to do the blog Joslyn looks at me and says ” Ms Debbie, that was the best morning ever.”  My heart is smiling.


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