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Emily is Here !

Published on February 18, 2013 under transportation





Today  our new friend started. Her name is Emily.  Emily is four years old .  She lives with her grandma , Lisa and her grandpa , Glenn.  Rarely do I ever have an opening in the middle of the year and wondered how hard it would be to fill after Malachy left.  Lisa heard about us through her sister who talked to other people whose children have been here.  I did not get a chance to meet Emily until this morning . She is surely one of those little girls that tugs your heart strings.  She is SO SMART  already .  She is a quick learner and seems excited about having new friends.




















She loved being in the loft playing the IPAD .  We have two rules about going in the loft. Only one person at a time can go up and you have to ask permission before climbing up so someone can have an eye on your for safety.  I briefly mentioned this to Emily as I showed her family around this morning and I was so pleased when later  in the morning she asked to go up ! YAY!

Emily found an E for her name !





















We started a transportation unit today.  THINGS THAT GO!  I asked the kids the question ” when you need to get somewhere how do you get there?”  We made a small list .  We read the book ” The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.” and we looked at a picture of a traffic jam and talked about all the ” ways to go” we saw on the picture.

Lunch today was yummy….  We have red meat maybe once every three or four weeks.  The kids were loving it !






















It was a good day. New friends and new fun !





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