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Modes of Transportation

Published on February 19, 2013 under transportation

Some of our friends that have been gone a while were back today !   Harelly , who is normall very quiet came back with a voice !   I love when kids grow into their confidence.  She even sung a song for us all at lunch all by herself.

Do you ever just wonder what kind of funny things happen here all day ?

Example : Yesterday as Katelyn came in from outside play she said ” dont worry little roly poly’s I will take care of you .”  I grinned as I watched her and said ” Katelyn , where are your roly poly’s ?”  She replied ” In my pocket .”  She was so proud of them that I hated to ask her to take them out.  When grandma came in for pickup thankfully I remembered to tell her about the roly polys. I think she counted ten in both pockets.  These kids love collecting things in their pockets. ( Always… check kids pockets at night. )

Another example –  Mr Randy let the kids play beauty shop.  At one point he said ” why dont yall fix Ms Debbie’s hair?”  Well… you know that didnt happen.





















Lisa , Alex and Lilly’s mom is on vacation this week and got to hang out for a while.  It was so good to see her.  Alex and Lilly were so proud to have mom here.  Lisa usually works from early morning until late afternoon so she cant spend time with us at preschool . ( I do understand that working moms have to work and cant just take off to play with us . )  Thankful for her taking her time out today  on her vacation to hang out and play.






















We played a short table game today where we sorted modes of transportation and where they travel – on land, in the sea or in the air.


Telling stories to kids really brings things to life and more real to them.  I told the kids a story today about my uncle driving me in his amphibian from the road straight into the water. Randy told the kids about going up in a hot air balloon.

I have a LOT of new puzzles for this unit and some are very difficult.  I dumped them all. Some of my friends were nice enough to help me put them back together.


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