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Snowflakes !

Published on January 4, 2013 under snow

Today we had fun talking about snow flakes.  Thankfully we have had a few already this year so the kids knew what I was talking about.  I hope when it snowed really good the last time that you went out and made some snow cream. I think I posted the recipe.  I have great memories of my mom going outside and gathering clean snow in a white metal bowl and making my brother and I snow cream. Delicious !



We practiced cutting snow flakes today. The kids will do this for a LONG time if you just sit them at the table with scissors and scrap paper. They are always amazed when they open the paper to find a snowflake.

We made snowflakes from marshmallows too !

We also ate snowflakes.  TORTILLA snow flakes. The kids loved these too.  Just cut the tortilla like you would a piece of paper , fry and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Snowflake yumminess !

This week a friend from North Dakota that runs a fabulous preschool sent us a video of their outside play time in the snow.  We watched it today and the kids were amazed. I have to say that as I was outside today in a sweater dress with boots and tights and very comfortable I was thankful I wasnt knee deep in snow every day for 4 months.  I love Arkansas Seasons.  If I want to enjoy snow i will go visit colorado or Bev !   I was thinking maybe Bev and I could talk some more and maybe have a video pen pal type chat with our kids once a week or so.  I think it would be interesting.

Thanks again for understanding us needing to close yesterday.  Your messages and prayers were appreciated.


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