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The Mitten

Published on January 7, 2013 under Winter


We had a good day today as we continued to talk about winter.

I took out the ” fake snow” for the kids to  play with. It is a mixture you buy from an educational store and add water and WAHH LAHH! We have snow.



















Ms Dallas did some assessments today using a snow flake and the lower case letters.  We may try this again in a more quiet room with less distractions.  🙂


















We read the story the mitten today. It is a story about a little boy that loses one of his mittens outside  in the woods and several animals from the forrest climb in to keep warm.,,,including a bear.  Will a bear fit inside a mitten  ?  This also gave us the opportunity to talk about where these animals really live or sleep.  Did you know that frogs are hibernating animals and they sleep in the mud ?

The IPAD continues to be popular.

We played a math game with our snow flake numbers.

Still having healthy low fat  , whole food lunches !  This is a great way to bring in the new year in a healthy way with your kiddos.  We have been doing these lunches here all year now and so far no one has kicked ,screamed or bit a teacher.  Try it at home. It is never too late to start good eating habits .



















When we played outside today I introduced ” freeze tag” Sounds simple enough, right ?  It was hilarious.  Little kids running everywhere screaming and laughing.  It was more like Freeze chaos but it was fun . My favorite part was when Katelyn said ” Lets play freeze armadillo! ” Ooookkk.. tell me now.  “well, you are the hunter and we are the armadillos! You tag us and we freeze like armadillo!”  OOOKKKK!!  She runs and I tag her.  She falls to the ground and rolls over on the ground on her back in a ball , ( paws up ) .  HILARIOUS!

After getting tired of that game the kids played Ring Around the Rosie.   I loved their rendition !


I will try to post the videos on Facebook. Vimeo is being as lazy as I have been this afternoon.




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