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Jungle Fever

Published on January 25, 2013 under jungle


Today’s exciting new was CHICKEN NUGGETS !   For the first time this year we served chicken nuggets.  Yeah.. you didnt see the picture on facebook.  It’s not really something I am proud of.  When shopping for  our menu this week I ran across these safari animal shaped chicken nuggets and the preschool teacher in me took over before the healthy food nazi had a chance to say ” walk away..”  The kids LOVED the chicken nuggets. They were so excited when they came in from outside playing to see their plates.  They also had green beans, applesauce and a slice of bread.  Today’s lunch was a great reminder of something that I already knew.  When given a choice between healthy and not healthy, many people will fill up first on the non-healthy first. I am not judging , I do it myself ALL . THE. TIME.  Many of the kids cleared their plates but there were a few plates that had left overs on them and guess what was left.  Yep, the green beans. Oh well, it didnt kill them. It made me the cool teacher if only for a few minutes. Heck ! We might do it again one day just for kicks so I can see those big grins as they sat down to the table. 🙂






















We had a few friends out again sick today so it was another quiet day.  We did play a lot though. The kids seem to really enjoy the softness of the new yellow playdoh I made.

We read two books in circle time today. One was called ” Hiccupopotamus” and the other was called “Elephant Aloft.”  ” Elephant Aloft ” was a book that focused on positional words like above , under, beyond, beside and out or in.  As we read through it most of the kids knew all the positional words with the exception of beyond.  I tried to explain beyond by saying ” If your mommy and daddy are driving to Ms Debbie’s and they pass my house , they have gone beyond my house, ” to which one of the little girls replied ” My daddy did that…”  Funny kids !   They will tell all if you listen. Mommies you might want to get some extra coffee in those daddies before they head out the door to school .


We made it.





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