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From Head to Toe

Published on January 24, 2013 under jungle

I am back at work today !!! Yay!  I am still not 100% but I have stayed with the kids all day and even went outside !   It has been a good day. Several of our friends were out today so our day was a little more slower pace than normal.  At times it was strangely quiet.  On my first day back after being gone for three days, I will take a day like today and say “Thank you!” and run !

We read the book ” From Head to Toe” with Eric Carle today.  The book talked about the way that the animals move and then follows up with ” can you ?”  And we did !  I also have a ” Head to Toe”  game that challenged them to move in different ways as well.





















We read a story called ” The Mouse and the Lion.”  The story tells about  a mouse that was walking through the jungle and he ran across the paw of a lion and woke him up.  When the lion woke up he wanted to eat the mouse.   The little mouse asked the lion not to eat him that he would find a way to help him later.  The lion did not think such a little mouse could ever help him but he let him go anyway. Later in the story the lion was caught in a hunters net and who came along and heard his roaring and freed him from the net ?  The tiny mouse helped the huge lion.  They stayed friends forever.




















Reading social stories like this one allows us to open conversations about things that dont always just come up in normal conversation.

1. Can a little person help a big person ?

2. If you were the lion would you have let the mouse go  ?

3.  You are still pretty small. What are some ways that you can help people that are bigger than you?

We did other fun things throughout the day  like journals and cleaning our write on wipe off board.













































































Ty found his name !









































Lilly retelling the story with cut outs .
















It was a fun day !


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