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Hot Hot Hot….

Published on January 9, 2013 under cooking with kids

One of the songs that we have been singing is called ” Let’s Play in the Snow” talked about going inside and drinking something warm.  I try to have a cooking experience once a week and USUALLY they are on Wednesday. Today we baked cookies ( Ha! The kind already made up in the fridge so basically we popped them in the oven. ) and we made home made hot chocolate.  The kids thought it was pretty funny when the lid came off the sugar jar and  a LOT of it dumped into the pan.  BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER ! 🙂





















We did a fire drill today.  We do one once a month and the kids are so great at it. One of the kids today remarked that if this happened at her home she wouldnt be able to get out because the door is locked.  Talk to your kids about what would happen if you had a fire in your home.  And wouldnt you know… the day of the fire drill the Siloam Springs Fire Inspector stopped by for our annual inspection ?

We journalled today. I am really going to kick it up a notch with the kiddos going into kindergarten next fall.  We have gotten lazy at writing names and we need to stay in practice. Ty wrote his name and drew a snowman ! Go Ty !



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  1. Marcella Bingham

    Debbie, you have come so far with Ty. It is truly incredible how far he has advanced. It is all due to you and all your helpers plus the work Rhonda does with him. It is such a blessing to have a teacher such as you and your helpers.

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