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The weather never cooperates with me

Published on January 8, 2013 under Winter

Do you ever feel that way ?  That you plan an indoor activity and it is a beautiful day to be outside.  You plan a picnic or a hike and it rains like cats and dogs. This week we are talking about winter. You would think smack in the middle of January that it would be a safe subject and very relevant to the kids , right ?  Playing outside today was fabulous. The temp on my phone said 52 but the sun was shining bright and the wind was not blowing .   The forecast says 70 for Friday ! I am not complaining SERIOUSLY I love this kind of weather.  Thankfully I have friends that experience snow that can send us a video of  THEM playing in the snow and the kids can experience still through the eyes of a child.

Today we read ”  The Hat. ” We compared this book to the one we read yesterday called ” The Mitten.”  After Hedgie ran into each animal and they laughed at his hat ( warm woolen stocking – sock- that blew off Lisa’s clothesline ) the all ran away. I would ask where do you think they are going ?  Asking questions that do not have the answer yes or no is important to preschoolers. It gets them to thinking and using more language.  We find out at the end that each of the animals runs to the clothesline to get their own ” hat ” like Hedgie.

After reading the book we did some size sequencing.  We used terms like larger, largest, bigger , smaller and smallest.

We did a science experiment today also . We took ice and put it in two bowls.  We talked about what we thought would happen to the ice in the bowls . I added salt to one bowl.  Which bowl of ice will melt faster ?

There was a lot of dramatic play going on today .  There were babies born and surgeries taking place.  I always keep a close eye on these fun times to make sure we are playing appropriate.. and almost always they are.

Lots of playing outside today…. fun times .


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