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Run Run as Fast as you can !

Published on December 17, 2012 under Christmas

This week we are doing a small unit on the Gingerbread Man books before we have our Polar Express Day on Friday.   I say ” books” because there are many different versions of the book.  The one we read today is by Paul Galdone and yes… the gingerbread boy gets eaten in the end of the book.

Small group today was a math activity . Dallas and the kids put the corresponding number of buttons and the gingerbread man cut out.






















Some of the activities on the table were :

A felt gingerbread man and many small pieces the kids could use to decorate him.






















And a tin full of gingerbread men that could be counted , stacked and sorted.










































We also did fun little gingerbread men that had our real faces in the middle !


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