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GingerBread Baby

Published on December 18, 2012 under Gingerbread Man

Today we read the Gingerbread Baby. It is a totally different story. In the end he doesnt get eaten.   The little boy builds a gingerbread candy covered house and catches him in it. The little baby lives in the house forever and is happy.

After reading the story we decorated a gingerbread boy  and then ate him.  Yes.. before lunch because we are cool like that. 🙂

Other things that went on today :

OUTSIDE PLAY !!! Isnt it beautiful ??!!!

Making playdoh gingerbread men !

Playing in a mixture of flour , salt and spices like cinnamon !  ( Yes, that was a mess but the kids , especially Harelly LOVED It ! )

The kids also played the game candy land.  It is a good easy game for color recognition and counting !

I will post pictures to our Facebook Group.  I am having issues getting my pictures uploaded today.



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