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No picture Thursday

Published on December 6, 2012 under Christmas

I declare it no picture Thursday !

Yep, your right . I lost the cord I sync my phone and computer to.  Bum Mer !

I will post some picture on facebook though since I can do a direct upload.

Santa should think about bringing me a six pack – of syncing cords !

Today we used glitter to make a star ornament .  Some of the kids were a little  unsure about using their finger to spread the glue but followed through anyway.  Then GLITTER ! SILVER GLITTER !   This is where being a non-perfectionist  preschool teacher comes in handy.  Glitter was EVERYWHERE!  Julia even looked at the floor and said  ” Look Ms Debbie, it looks like Christmas lights.”  Later she came back and stared and said ” Its beautiful….” in the sweetest voice.  Beware Julia’s mom… she LOVES glitter.

We practiced our songs today and read Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Christmas. The kids love the Mrs. Wishy Washy series !

In the pictures I post you will see some children cleaning up green paint ALL over the WALL.  Later in the morning when I realized it was there, I asked who made the mess.  Some of the girls were willing to say ” I did it… ” It took a few moments to get to that point of confession but they did.  I explained they werent in trouble they just needed to clean up their mess.  It is hard when kids made BIG mistakes ( like green paint all over the wall) but they are more apt to tell us and help clean it if we dont freak out.  Are you a freak out mom ?  Remember , we are building little people to be productive and self reliant and honest . Our goal is not fear…  ( Ok, I am done . Stepping off my soap box.)  Also, I want to say that these girls were not really fearful so I am in no way reflecting on their moms. This just gave me the opportunity to do a little parent education !



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