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Ornament Making Machines

Published on December 4, 2012 under Christmas

Today we made our first ornament.  It is one we do every year.  Katelyn made me smile when she said ” Ms Debbie, I still have my snowman ornament from last year and my hand was a lot smaller. ”  My favorite part of putting up my tree every year is taking a walk down memory lane and remembering when each ornament was made or bought and why.    We save the ornaments and send them home the last day of school in a bag.










































We also played a game with candy kisses.  There were little round stickers on the bottom of each kiss and the kids would turn one over and then try to find its match. The letters were upper case and lower case.  If you are working on your letters at home make sure you introduce both the upper and the lower case letters at one time.  In other words if you are talking about  the letter A then show them an A and a a.  Needless to say, the kids love games they can eat when they are successful.


We talked about patterns. On the candy cane is red white red white….

Harelly helped me put lunch on the table.  Giving your child chores helps them to become more responsible and less self centered.




















An Julia helped Mr Randy rehang one of the wreaths that had fallen .





















We had new activities out on the tables at free play.

There was a ceramic village with tiny people to play with.  Not only does this teach that we have to be careful with things but also there is fine motor practice with the tiny people.



There were trees to decorate with tiny people. ( The little people are my favorite .A few years ago I had a little girl who’s mommy was an artist and she painted the little people to match Randy and I and all the kids in the class. Great memory anchor ! )





















And there was a new sensory tub. This tub had all kinds of Christmas goodies in it including a little cinnamon scent  !

 There were also random colored balls that the kids could use to decorate or sort !

The kids LOVED looking for worms today in the dirt that was fresh and wet.  What I didnt love was the mess inside afterwards. I have considered going to a no show policy.  Which basically means that when the kids come in they take off their shoes and put on house shoes ( provided by me ) and wear them. That way the trash stays outside. You cant imagine what comes in on the kids shoes. Wait.. Maybe you can… you see it on their socks.  If anyone sees simple non gender type house shoes for a great price let me know. Remember I have to buy 16 .. so the price needs to be realistic.


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