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Gingerbread man science

Published on December 19, 2012 under Gingerbread Man

Today we had a mommy and daddy in to play with us for over two hours. Leo and Becky have been with us so much this year , they are like family.  What is amazing is they both work full time jobs too and still take the time.  Becky is our official crown maker when she comes .  This morning I looked up to see Leo grabbing a kleenex to wipe Ty’s nose. That isn’s always the easiest thing to do when it isnt your own child . IMPRESSED.  Yes, I am  . It doesnt take a lot to impress me just the little things like being kind to children.  Thank you Leo and Becky !  Friday is our Polar Express Party . We chug a lug all day watching the movie and doing activities along with it.  If you have time and want to join us stay in your PJ’s and board the train !







We are still talking about the gingerbread man today. We read yet another version of the story called ” Gingerbread Friends” by Jan Brett.  Jam Bretts books are so beautifully illustrated.  After reading the book we each took a gingerbread cookie and took one bite.  ( Do you know how much patience it takes for a three or four year old to take ONE bite and stop ?)  After taking one bite we graphed which part they ate first.  I ate the head first just like ten of my little friends.  A couple kids ate the leg first and none ate the leg first.  We might be able to find a lesson in that little activity somewhere.  Are you more apt to chew off someones head first ?  Hahahaha !   After doing the graph we wrote the conclusion sentence which was ” More people at the head of the gingerbread man first. ” This is a great activity now only practicing math skills but also literacy as we put our answer into words.

Another fun thing we did today was put a gingerbread man in a glass of water and talk about what we thought would happen to him . What would have happened to the gingerbread man if he had fallen into the water ? Obviously he fell apart and crumbled. I think the kids were more impressed with my cool koolaide glass that lights up on the bottom.

Another  activity that was  out today was a cookie matching game.  You had to put the cookie pieces together that matched.



The kids LOVE to listen to Mr, Randy tell stories.  It seems he is always coming up with new ones that I havent even heard.  Today at lunch we sat at the table for over 45 minutes while the kids listened to stories and told their own stories. I think sometimes we get in such a rush that we dont take the time to have real conversations.  I challenge you tonight to listen.. ask your child if they can tell you a story.

Tomorrow we will be talking about the nativity – the real reason for Christmas.  I think we are all Christians but I want you to know ahead of time, this will be our focus.  Also, a reminder if you dont already have a Christmas Eve tradition our church as a special service every Christmas eve at 5:00 pm.  There is a children’s sermon , Steve talks briefly and there is special music.  At the end of the service we all line the sanctuary and pass around a candle to light and sing Silent Night. By the end of the song, everyones candle is lit and it is beautiful.  I will be doing special music that night as well. I will be singing ” O Holy Night.” I would love to see you there if you dont have plans. It is a wonderful tradition for our family and a time for us all to slow dow


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