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Halloween is over .. .done.. dead….

Published on November 2, 2012 under Uncategorized

Today we heard the story of ” Winky The Witch”  It is a cute story about a little witch who could not be scary for the life of her. She had a tiny voice and was nice.  The kids enjoyed hearing the different voices of the mean witches,  the jackolantern and Winky.

The kids are doing great using the IPAD. They use the sign in tags to make a list of whos goes next and pretty much manage it themselves.

We have a new sign in the dress up area. I love it. Thanks Joni ( Tiana’s grandma !)

I  love seeing the kids draw pictures on the chalk board. Being confined to a small piece of paper is tough for these little guys.

We strengthened our fine motor skills today by lacing cards with funny faces on them.  I am sending these cards and a lace home so you guys can have fun there too. There isnt really a right or wrong way.   If you want to teach them in and out or up and down you can but make it fun !

Have a wonderful weekend.


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